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Snow Canyon: Cinder Cone Trail


Snow Canyon often gets overlooked because it’s only a 45 minute drive from Zions, but there are plenty of beautiful and fun hikes to do around here as well. Snow Canyon is located just a little ways North of Tuacahn, making it easy to get to from St. George. The Cinder Cone Trail is not located within the two entrances of the park, making it a trail often skipped. Don’t miss this one, it’s worth the trip.

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To start out, drive a little further North than the northern entrance of park. You will see the trailhead from the other side of the street. While this trail is very short, it is also very steep. I think there are other ways to get up, but we took the first one we found. This trail did less winding up the side of the mountain, which is actually an extinct volcano, and more just straight up scaling to the top. On the way down we noticed a family with younger kids coming around a different way that was probably easier.

From the Top


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The view from the top was worth the short yet steep hike, and although what we hiked to didn’t necessarily look like a volcano, it was cool to think what was once there. Also you’re standing on a small part of what helped create the rock structures throughout Snow Canyon. This hike gives you the perfect view of the rest of the park, giving you a chance to take it all in.

We went on a very rainy day, making the decent even slicker than it otherwise would have been. This meant getting down took more sliding and less putting one foot in front of the other. The volcanic rocks along the sides don’t make getting down any easier.

If you’re taking the time to visit Snow Canyon, this definitely should be one of the hikes you hit. It was far less crowded than the others, brief yet challenging, and comes with some of the best views.

How To Get There

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