About Us



Cheryl, more commonly known as “Cherbear” is a thirty something year old lover of beauty in nature. When she’s not spending time with her three kids, or playing Cards Against Humanity with her Fiance Cheryl enjoys hiking, complaining about hiking, asking herself why in the world anyone would ever want to go hiking, commenting on how “strenuous” a hike is, and questioning her judgement on embarking on said hike. Currently Cherbear lives in Utah County with her family and is always looking for a hot spring, an arch, or even the occasional sculpture garden to explore. Those who know Cheryl know the best way to her heart is through Chai tea and of course sharing your leftovers from your latest eats adventure.



Cassie is a nice, normal girl with a nice, normal husband who she’s been with for like a decade or something. She loves things like hiking, her dogs, attending weddings, and cost-effective eating habits. However, Cassie’s life truly began when she started working at the same company as Cheryl as a content writer. Though she was already in her 20s and married and yadda yadda yadda, this is when she began to explore her love of leftovers, using those leftovers to torment innocent coworkers, foosball, and blogging at home AND at work. Since she simply wasn’t getting enough blogging in her life, she decided to start blogging about both restaurants and hikes, which had literally nothing in common until she realized that the words “eats” and “feets” rhymed. Disregarding the fact that “feets” isn’t even an actual word, she started eatsandfeets.com with her favorite coworker Cherbear.