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Rice Basil

Rice Basil's menu
Rice Basil’s menu


Delicious Pad Thai at Rice BasilKyle loves curry with a passion. If he could eat curry for breakfast lunch and dinner and invest in a curry IV drip for the time between meals I don’t even think he would hesitate. While I haven’t always loved curry, I’ve started trying it more often and now have an appreciation for a good curry dish.

As deep as his love for curry runs, his disgust for my favorite seafood, sushi, is just as strong. Because of this clash in taste we hardly ever go to places with good curry, and almost never go to sushi restaurants, until now.


Rice Basil’s Menu

Rice Basil's sushi and salad

Looking online at the Rice Basil menu, there was a pretty large selection of sushi rolls, from those you traditionally see at a sushi restaurant to some of their own invention. Their prices weren’t bad, and were actually cheaper than some other sushi places I’ve been to.

I was skeptical of Rice Basil at first. Their Yelp didn’t have the best reviews, a lot of people complained about how slow the service was when they visited. Without too high of expectations we made the trip across the valley to Holiday.

I’m not too familiar with the East side of the Salt Lake Valley, so I haven’t ventured to many places near here with a few exceptions. Rice Basil is located on Murray Holladay Road just off Holladay Boulevard.Eating curry at Rice Basil




The Food at Rice Basil


We went to the restaurant with 4 friends, each of us had different tastes, and different things we were looking for in this meal. Between us all we ordered 3 sushi rolls, 2 bowls of curry, Pad Thai, and orange chicken.
Eating the orange chicken at Rice BasilAfter the negative Yelp reviews I was prepared to wait for our food, even though the restaurant wasn’t too crowded, but our food was out shortly after we ordered. The wait time was much less than most sit down restaurants I’ve been to. The sushi rolls were HUGE and the curry was delicious, even a fair-weathered curry fan could appreciate it.

I loved everything about this restaurant, and the price wasn’t half bad either. The original price they told us for the curry was actually $4 more than what we ended up paying.Eating curry at Rice Basil

If you’ve got an indecisive group, Rice Basil can be the perfect place. For the sushi lovers, for the Thai food enthusiasts, and even those pickier friends. We’ll definitely be going back soon. Next time I’ll try to bring a few more sushi friends so we can try a bigger variety of rolls. They also have a sushi making class that I’m excited to try. If you live in Holladay and haven’t eaten at Rice Basil, you’re missing out! Orange chicken at Rice Basil

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