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Lost Creek Reservoir


I’m a little hesitant letting you all know about Lost Creek Reservoir, but I’m feeling confident that the drive from Salt Lake to here will be enough to keep the crowds away. Even when we visited Lost Creek on Labor Day, the shores were nowhere near as crowded as other lakes and reservoirs around the valley on any given summer day. This may be in part because of the no-wake rule, eliminating water skiers, wake boarders, and reckless boat drivers.

The Beauty of Lost Creek

These pictures don't do the size, or the beauty of Lost Creek justice
These pictures don’t do the size, or the beauty of Lost Creek justice

What you’re left with is one of the most tranquil and secluded areas near Salt Lake City to paddle board, kayak, canoe, and fish. Sure there’s probably more places like this that are closer, but none that I have found as large as this. Even with the Labor Day “crowds” we were completely secluded on our little piece of beach, giving theĀ dogs the chance to run and enjoy the water without us constantly worrying about them being a bother to others.

Oreo wonders why she needs a life jacket
Oreo wonders why she needs a life jacket

Along the shore there are a few areas where trees reach pretty close to the shoreline, but for the most part there is little shade so come ready for that. There is a dock for those who have bigger fishing boats but for us we just carried our canoe and kayak down to the shore and eased them in. From there you have over two miles worth of water to paddle around, exploring two separate inlets that we could have ventured had we not had way more people than canoes and kayaks. I wish I would have taken my camera in the canoe with us but we were lucky the thing didn’t tip with both dogs inside. I think Harley was making it her primary purpose in life to see just how far she could stretch on one side before the four of us ended up in the water and the canoe at the bottom of the reservoir.

I’ve heard others say that fishing is great at Lost Creek Reservoir, so we came prepared. We had lots of poles in the water, but the only one who got a bite was my six year old nephew. Almost everybody we saw was fishing, so be considerate when playing in the water.

What I Would Do Differently

There are a few things I would do differently the next time I go to Lost Creek. First of all I would have planned well in advance, although that’s part of the problem with going in a big group. I think we planned to head out about 8 am and didn’t end up leaving until close to 11. Besides this, I would have looked to find a better place to sit on the shore. Our spot was good, but as we were leaving we spotted some even better. I wish we would have taken the time to get a better look. Most of the area around looked like a desert, but there were a few spots with tons of trees. Along with this the spot we walked into the water was a lot muddier than the area even just 30 feet to our right. Poor Oreo got stuck in the mud and I had to pull her out. This was only bad when trying to get in the water to swim.


Lost Creek might be a drive for those living in Salt Lake County, but it’s well worth it. Just don’t tell your friends, let’s keep it to ourselves.

How To Get There

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