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Goblin Valley

Climbing Goblin Valley hoodoos I envy those who have never been to Goblin Valley because the experience of first seeing the goblins is like none other. No matter how many times you’ve seen pictures of these unique formations, actually seeing them for yourself is unexpected and beautiful. The foreign structures jet out all across the landscape.

One of the greatest parts of Goblin Valley is the freedom to climb where you want.┬áThe possibilities are endless. I have only ever entered the Goblins through one parking lot. I know there is a trail, and another entrance somewhere, but this one starting point leads to so many possibilities that we still haven’t explored. When you firExploring Goblin Valleyst enter the valley from this parking lot, you’re free to choose where to hike. Each time we have head directly back, past what we have come to know as “The Egg” and to where you can climb up to the highest point in the valley.

Along the way there are plenty of goblins that you can stop and climb, admire, or anything in between. The further back you go, the larger the rock structures get. There are some points where it could get a little dangerous for those who aren’t careful. The further back you go the more it gets to be what Cheryl might call “strenuous” but it’s really not too bad.

We had our dog with us on the trail. There were parts further back where we had to help boost the 90 pound beast up a ledge so be prepared for that. We saw parts of the rock with claw marks Exploring the hoodoos trying to make it up the side so if you do bring your dog make sure she can handle it.


Goblin Valley Hiking Tips


The further back in the valley you go, the fewer people you will see. Once we got to the back end both times we didn’t see another person until we headed back. Climbing up to the top of the back rocks and looking down over the valley of goblins on both sides is a must when visiting this park.

As there is little shade here, it is essential that you bring enough water for everyone in your group (including your furry friends).

There is a campground at Goblin Valley, but it was all booked up by the time we planned our trip. From what I’ve heard it’s pretty crowded, and not that great. I’d suggest staying somewhere else close by and making the drive into Goblin Valley.

Our dog loved Goblin ValleyOne of the greatest things about this park is the night sky. Because there is little light pollution in the area, Goblin Valley has some of the greatest views of the stars in the world. I didn’t take any pictures of this because the camera didn’t even do it justice, but trust me, it’s worth it. If you can go to the star gazing they do at night, they have someone there who will show you beautiful constellations.

Would I recommend Goblin Valley? Yes! It is one of the most unique places you will ever have a chance to visit. Pave your own path exploring the beauty of the park, you’ll find some amazing things.

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Whether it's hiking, camping, canoeing, mountain biking, or basically anything else, I'm always ready for an outdoor adventure. Together with my husband and our two crazy dogs we try to find the most beautiful and exciting places around.

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Cheryl would call it “strenuous.” I always tell people that Goblin Valley is the most family friendly of all the State and National Parks, one of my favorites.

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Look, if I have to walk more than a few minutes to get back to my car, then by the time I get there, I’m wheezing and wishing I were dead.

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I am Cheryl and I “like” this post.