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IMG_1268El Habanero has always been one of my favorite Mexican restaurants in Magna, and I’m not just saying that because it’s the only Mexican restaurant in Magna excluding the Taco Bell that just opened. It’s more than just the food that makes El Habanero great, it’s the people who work there, the atmosphere, and the small town feeling very few places around the Salt Lake Valley still hold.


Directions to El Habanero

Getting to El Habanero is really easy. Drive down 3500 South until you hit 8164 West, it will be on the North side of the street. There’s a big sign by the side of the road that is lit up at night. There is no easier way to explain getting here.

Some nights parking can be a little tricky. There is a really small parking lot in front of the building, but just to the west of it there’s a little lane that leads back to a bigger lot. Depending on what time you go, it’s likely you’ll need to park back there. Some nights it’s pack and others you’ll be the only one in the restaurant, but I’ve never had to wait for a table there.

Kyle at El Habanero

El Habanero’s Menu

El Habanero's Horchata! I’ll be the first to admit that not everything on the menu is a home run. I would never recommend the tostada. But it’s those menu items they do really well on that stand out. I don’t know why I ever deviated from the chimichanga, it is my absolute favorite. Their burritos and fajitas are equally delicious. Their prices aren’t half bad either.

Anyone who likes horchata, even just a little bit should try the horchata at El Habanero. I’m not a huge fan of the drink in general, but El Habanero has it down. Sometimes we go eat there just for the horchata. It has been ruined for me everywhere else because of how well El Habanero does it.

Recently I tried the Chile Rellenos at El Habanero and they were amazing! Unfortunately I shared this tidbit with Kyle at the beginning of the meal, and as soon as he tried it I barely got a bite!


The Atmosphere

Like I said, it’s not even so much the food that I love at El Habanero, it’s the great atmosphere and family oriented business they present. It’s a family run restaurant. One night when we were there particularly late the owner showed us one of the pictures they had hanging up, which was of their family. He said they were planning a trip for his parent’s anniversary to visit Mexico again as a family sometime soon. It’s cool to get to know them a little better.

IMG_1285If you have any more doubt whether you should eat at El Habanero let me tell you something. Danny Glover ate there. His signed picture is on the wall. Isn’t that a good enough reason in and of itself?

El Habanero is the best Mexican restaurant in Utah I’ve ever been to. It’s not just the food itself, but the inviting atmosphere and small town feel. Our family goes here for birthdays, holidays, and everything in between. We range from groups of 2 to 25 and every time they are accommodating, nice, and friendly. I would highly recommend El Habanero to anyone looking for a great Mexican restaurant in the Salt Lake Valley.


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